Explosion in Chechnya SPRING CRISIS
Atomic explosion in Chechnya six month before the mission storyline almost caused a beginning of a war. USA blamed Russians for the attack but they denied it. However the world was not far from starting a world war, in the last moment Mark Reynolds, CIA intelligence officer, found out that terrorists were in the background of whole situation. The assault was canceled and the tension faded out. Anyway, the terrorists were not found. The investigation has started and it takes Reynolds six months to trace Russian officer, Colonel Karelin, who commands forces on Stolbovoj island, on the eastern coast of the Federation. Mark Reynolds is heading to the island to get more information.

When Colonel orders a plane with suspicious cargo to take off from the Chechnya, Charles Brown and Tim Robbins, attack helicopter pilots, and Diego Checa with the team, their defenders, are also sent to the island. And who knows who else is going to appear on the island. The board is set. The pieces are moving. Are you ready for the war?
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